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Published: Thursday, 2013/05/30

Mkhulu Heniel Letswalo and the SPCA’s Inspector Meshack Matlou with the goat found with what is believed to be muthi. Photo by Nyiko ka Ntsako

THE cute baby goat in the SPCA Inspector’s kind arms was found tied up in the family’s yard. . .

When they woke up in the morning they found the little animal wearing a red rope with seven knots around its body, a R10 note and a small parcel of muthi tied to it!

This happened at Winterveldt, near Mabopane, in the north of Tshwane.

Madala Heniel Letswalo (84) told Daily Sun: “I tried to chase it away, but it didn’t want to move and we realised the animal was tied with evil things around its body, muthi and money. We suspect it was put there by people who are jealous of my lovely fruit garden because people always ask me how I keep it so attractive.

SPCA Inspector Meshack Matlou said: “We need the owner of the goat to explain why he tied muthi and money to it. He violated the right of animals. The goat is traumatised and will be looked after by the SPCA. The owner must fetch the R10 note within seven day and if he fails to do so, we will take it to buy food for the goat.”

Traditional healer Dumisani Ndlovu said: “The little goat might have been sent by people who want to cast an evil spell on the family. The tied-up R10 note is a sign to destroy the family’s wealth. The red rope is a sign of blood and danger.

“The family must get a traditional healer who will consult the ancestors to check where this goat comes from and why it was sent to his yard.”

Photo: Nyiko ka Ntsako

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