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‘It feels like something is chewing on my leg!’

Published: Friday, 2013/05/24

Tuis Matthews shows his leg, which is causing him pain day and night.

JUST last year, life was so good for Tuis that he was planning on walking down the aisle with his girlfriend.

But today, the life of Tuis Matthews (34) has been turned upside down and he is afraid he will die soon.

Tuis from Zacharia Park, south of Joburg, has an unexplained wound on his foot that is causing him much pain.

He can hardly walk, let alone get married!

“I haven’t been sleeping properly for five months,” Tuis told Daily Sun. “It feels as if something is chewing at my leg.”

Tuis said his nightmare started in January when he saw a small pimple on the big toe of his left foot.

“I ignored the little bump, thinking it would go away.

“But then it got bigger and bigger. Now, it’s spread above my ankles,” he said.

The pain has forced Tuis to stay at home as it’s painful to walk.

“My family took me to different sangomas, who told me that I was bewitched by people in my neighbourhood. But the medicine they gave me hasn’t worked at all,” he said.

“My girlfriend is very supportive but I am the one who has changed. I’m always in pain and I am neglecting my girlfriend.”

He said he has seen people dying of foot ailments and he is afraid he’ll be one of them.

By: tebogo.thamage
Photo: Lucky Morajane

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